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Midas Corporate & Industrial Clothing is a part of Midas Safety group and a leading manufacturer of work-wear garments with a diverse range of corporate, industrial and protective clothing, From standard work wear, to highly sophisticated high visibility, and flame-retardant garments , we offer a one-stop manufacturing solution for an extensive work-wear range of both knitted & woven garments.

Product Range

We offer a wide range of professional work-wear which includes industrial wear, craftsman wear, hospital wear, high visibility, fire retardant, and knitwear. Our production facilities have evolved from years of experience having the machinery and skilled employees to deliver diverse customer requirements. For example, both simple and highly complex garments, different types of material in terms of construct or weight, and with multiple functional applications.

So, what are you looking for? We’re certain it’s something we currently manufacture or have manufactured in the past. For products, we don’t have in our library of +1200 active styles, we have a fully equipped development department that will enable us to create the products you need. You may choose to launch them immediately or later, we learn more and add to our knowledge library.

We prefer to get technical specifications for the garments you want, but that shouldn’t curb your mix-and-match, creative instinct. Have a design in mind? A sample or a picture? We have a long history of offering successful solutions to our customers, supporting product launches, generating ideas, and developing products from mere discussions. Challenges excite us; our skilled labor, development & sampling departments, and flexible production lines allow reduced changeover time for smaller order quantities of products coming out of these lines.

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We are one of Pakistan’s leading workplace-garments manufacturers with three factories in Karachi that employ +1200 state-of-the-art machines operated by almost 2000 skilled operators. This enables us to produce almost 250,000 individual items per month. Our manufacturing encompasses the entire range of operations in-house cutting, stitching and packing.

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Private Branding

Midas Clothing is supplier of high quality work-wear that is use in today’s tough situations. We play our part in the supply chain where customers specify the type of garment they want. We then use raw materials and monitored processes to convert them into finished goods with the label of our customers. All garments are customized according to customer-provided size charts and customer-specified fabric.

We help our customer to attain certifications for ergonomic, fire retardant and high-visibility clothing. This builds trust and ensures that customers can rely on us for an invaluable experience.

We do not involve ourselves in a conflict-of-interest by selling our own brand. It is the customer’s label we brand.

Account Management Services

We believe in far more than just selling products to our customers. We strongly believe in creating experience which is unmatched in the entire industry. We do this through our team of expert account managers who work with absolute client focus. They fully understand our clients long term goals and strategic priorities and go the extra mile to ensure that their clients succeed in achieving them through their project deliveries. They manage all your projects with end to end ownership so that you don’t have to worry about our leg of the work and can focus on other important priorities.

Midas Safety Account Manages offer range of integrated professional services including product support, design advice, reporting, forecast planning, special packaging, extended warehousing and special delivery options to provide best in class experience with us.

Global Structure

The global footprint of Midas Safety integrates in to a customer centric company where all units are working towards a common goal of making your business, progress and thrive safely.

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