We strongly believe in Corporate Social Responsibility and giving back to the society. We believe in discovering new ways to support the communities that support us. That is why Sustainability is our foremost priority. We want to drive positive social impact for future generations to come.

Midas Safety supports various causes including education, healthcare, old age welfare homes, orphanages, ration resources, environment, and basic utilities (water & electricity). 87% of the workforce we employ are women. We prefer to provide opportunities to females even though it takes so much more effort for us to invite females, train them and provide them facilities that makes them feel comfortable working with us. In the context of existing in a developing country, this is particularly a challenge – but we are so proud of the work we’ve done!

And then our environmental drives, waste control, energy conservation initiatives, emission control measure – all certified, partnered with leading global organizations and best in class.

Safety begins at Home

Safety comes first! Nothing that we do is worth getting hurt for and all accidents are preventable Operating complex machines requires training, care, and precaution. We do whatever needs to be done to make sure our employees work in a safe environment. Be it training or personal protective wear, from centralized fire detection to firefighting systems, from machine guards all the way to machine built safeties, from infrastructure to electrical systems – we continually review and improve upon these.

Our obsession with safety always pays off. Our employees and operators respect us for the care we demonstrate for them and contribute to making our work safer. Through our collective efforts we have amassed over 12 million safe man-hours and an enviable average TRIR rate of 0.20 (Total Recordable Injury Rate). We are proud to have embarked on a journey where we have developed our own Safety Management System based on 19 elements that incorporate OSHAS, Dupont and UK safety standards.

Being a textile company with a large fire load (fabric), it is imperative our firefighting measures are ever ready and easily accessible. We have a 3 layered system, starting from smoke detection by smoke detectors placed throughout the plant. This is followed by manual call points that ring an alarm and are integrated in a system such that the location of the fire can be isolated. Finally, our network of portable and fixed fire extinguishers, internal hydrants and zone hydrants remain standby to deal with any unfortunate situation.