We are one of Pakistan’s leading workplace-garments manufacturers with three factories in Karachi that employ +1200 state-of-the-art machines operated by almost 2000 skilled operators. This enables us to produce almost 250,000 individual items per month. Our manufacturing encompasses the entire range of operations in-house cutting, stitching and packing.

Supply Chain

With so much complexity to manage, our Supply Chain function deserves a special place of mention before all other activities. Our colleagues in supply chain set up smooth pipelines of raw materials and trims. Be it import or locally procured, each SKU has its own lead time and safety stock and when you deal with thousands of SKUs that flow in and out, you can be sure that the backend simply has to be a finely orchestrated ensemble. The MRP (material resource planning) is carried out by SAP which accurately projects requirements to make sure the planning function and purchase specialists have procured just the right materials in the correct quantities to the manufacturing operations.


All our operations from cutting to finishing are tracked using our ERP system with real-time entries being made that allow us to track every order as it flows through and passes through different stages of the operation. With quality check points at different stages, the in-process quality assurance process ensures quality at each stage of the operation right up to the point when your garments are finally boxed up and ready to ship out.

The production teams are assisted by colleagues from the Industrial Engineering department who help design the most effective workflows and machinery layouts. The dedicated Industrial Relations function helps recruit and manage the operators, maintain competency/ skill matrices that align competency required by the shop-floor and operator abilities. And, last but not the least, the maintenance colleagues who support with rectifications, rectifying machinery breakdowns and with machinery settings for different operations depending on the product requirement.

Each product line has dedicated production supervisors, production officers, quality resources, industrial engineers and maintenance teams – and all of this information is again traceable through our integrated software. What you can be sure of is that your garments, our products get the specialized attention they need.


With a Warehouse Management System coming online, every garment after it is cleared by the metal-free detectors enters into the FG warehouse and stowed safely by bin locations both in the warehouse as well as the system inventory.