Product Development

Our forte is in developing complicated and complex garments using multi-norm fabrics and that is how we offer a variety of products that satisfy the diverse needs of our customers. What kind of garments are you looking for? Hi-Vis, Fire Retardant, Arc Flash, Metal Splash, Nomex, Aluminum coated garment, Anti-microbial, Cut resistant garment, Water repellant, or Water resistant. We provide the complete solution for work-wear clothes for end customers.

At Midas, we want our customers to make informed decisions. That is why we update them about the latest & useful trends of the work-wear market and advise on trends and possible changes through the product development stage which creates products that are more functional and yet keep up with modern trends.

The designs observe customer size charts and feasibility is checked through the state-of-the-art V12 Gerber software. We offer customized designs, strictly adhering to customers’ specifications. You can bring ideas and we can help turn those ideas into practically viable and usable work-wear. Multiple samples are sent for approval throughout the process so that our customers can be assured of the product being developed.

In situations where safety is a particular concern, certifications are required for products such as Fire-retardant and High-Vis. We help our customers attain certifications for ergonomic, fire retardant, and high-visibility clothing. With our experience and credibility we acquire these certifications smoothly which builds trust and ensures our customers always count on us.