Our Quality

Over decades, our commitment to quality has been put to the test and we are proud to have repeatedly triumphed! It is through this churn that we’ve clearly established our reputation as a manufacturer who delivers quality work-wear. The promise to provide premium quality product which satisfies all standards set by international customers is not only a proposition but is now the cornerstone of our identity. Our “Integrated Quality Management System” continually improves our processes and systems within and across functions.

Our Unwavering Commitment To Our Customers

Build trust with our strategic partners by offering products and services that match their needs.
Exceed expectations of our strategic partners by offering innovative quality products.
Comply with all internal and external safety, regulatory and quality requirements for manufacturing and product testing.
Gain a zero-defect, no-waste attitude by everyone in our company.

Product quality assurance requires end-to-end ownership from cradle to grave – from product inception to final disposal of goods. This ownership needs to be shared and closely monitored. For example: for raw materials, we have agreed parameters with our suppliers regarding the type of fabric and trims we require. We gauge the performance of our suppliers on these parameters through a comprehensive annual review. In-house, after materials are received, our internal inspection teams validate and verify that the raw materials conform to the agreed specifications and can be used.

The raw material is then sent to production. We place control checkpoints in various stages of the manufacturing process, especially at critical operations. At dedicated Quality Inspection Areas within the product lines, these checkpoints evaluate each article at that stage to ensure design and measurement guidelines and provide a threshold for the product to go ahead. This makes sure that each garment going into final packaging is up to our strict standards.

We have multiple layers of checks leading to the final inspection, where even packaged goods in cartons are opened and inspected randomly. Some of our leading partners who ask us to directly ship goods to their end-consumers/customers get their products inspected through reputed 3rd parties such as SGS pre-shipment.

Our teams rack up thousands of hours of training, inspections, and audits in Quality Control and Quality Assurance processes. While it is painstaking, we know such end-to-end quality measures are what set us apart from our competition.

Our Compliance

Ensuring that our company is ethical towards both the skilled individuals working for us and the environment is a priority. We are compliant with ETI Base Code measured by internationally recognized code of labor practices. We also abide by ILO conventions. We are evaluated by customers directly or by a third-party auditing body including: MWUK, NHS Scotland, Boots, McDonalds, and Williamsons Dickies in the UK, L Brador in Sweden, HoneyWell in France, and VF Corporation in USA.